Metropolis II – The mediator between the brain and the hands must be the heart.

Syneba is back with a new video in the purest expressionist style for their new single «METROPOLIS II«, sequel to their previous EP «Species and Spaces» (METROPOLIS I).

The video was directed by Govii Cardinni and is a tribute to the film Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang, whose script was written by Thea von Harbou and Fritz Lang, inspired by a 1926 novel by Von Harbou herself.

The opening sub-bass evokes the darkness of Hel’s true intentions, and this new single revives the antagonism between Maria and Hel, taking us by the hand through arpeggios and a powerful rhythm to the end of a story we all know.

We spoke to music producer Esther Alarcón AKA Syneba and here is the interview:

Music producer Esther Alarcón AKA Syneba

✧Almost 3 months after your first EP, METROPOLIS II arrives, but after some time has passed: How have you perceived the acceptance of METROPOLIS I ?

Personally, I feel very satisfied with the work done and very grateful for the response from the public; this, and my passion for Fritz Lang’s film immediately encouraged me to produce Metropolis II.

✧Tell us a bit more about this new single METROPOLIS II, so far we know it’s the sequel of METROPOLIS I, and not only because of its name, correct?

Correct. In this production I use orchestral strings, they always take you to somewhat dreamlike, epic and cinematic settings. There is no lack of a dark touch with arpeggios, drones, mid/low frequency pads, and that vocal with its protesting speech. I’ve also used Fx to emulate (I think I’ve succeeded) that deranged scientist lab environment; sounds of flasks full of liquids, turbines and others.

Performer Artist Elena Gea from Syneba – Metropolis II [Official Videoclip]
Performer Artist Elena Gea from Syneba – Metropolis II [Official Videoclip]

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✧Tell us about the video, there is a big production behind this video, who has directed/produced this time your video, who has participated?
Has it been easy to get METROPOLIS II printed or viewed on video?

It has been very easy to translate my ideas into images. He was very clear about the plasticity of the scenes, the aesthetics of the protagonist and the contexts in which the script had to be developed. Art Deco, late 1920s, German Expressionism, high-contrast, coarse-grained images, simple, futuristic architectural lines.

The protagonist of my video clip: Elena Gea, she has made it very easy for me, it has been a pleasure to work with her, she immediately grasped my ideas, she is absolutely charming and professional. I wanted someone to give life to those Marias from the movie (the good one and the bad one).

Elena is amazing in the dance scenes with that art deco style dress, haunting, sophisticated, magnificent and evil!

The technical part was also incredible, by Goviii Cardinni, also the director of my Metropolis video. He understands me and always brings good ideas. It was so much fun shooting with a drone!

✧What can you tell us about the synth-dark scene in Barcelona, what is your opinion, are there enough bands representing it? Are there places to have a few drinks and listen to alternative music? Do you think there are any distinguishing features between the synth made in Barcelona and the synth made outside?

I would say that Bcn’s synth is more focused on electronic club music. We also have very good people doing ambient, postpunk and goth. But there aren’t too many artists who produce a darker synth with darkwave, synthpop or synthwave touches. Although lately I notice that there is concern on the scene to produce these styles. Thanks that we have festivals like Ombra Festival, and promoters that bring us top artists from the dark electronic scene.

A must is to go to calle Rocafort, 225. Antibiotic Bar, down there in the basement in a cozy space is DJ Miguel, who once a month brings us his magnificent Waves proposal; yesterday and today of postpunk, darkwave and dark electronics.

✧Is there anything you want to share? New projects, concerts/performances, etc.

Right now my next single is in the process of being mastered, which I hope will see the light of day at the end of August. A theme dedicated to the Apollo 11 mission. And in September I will release another one. Esther stop!! What madness!!

Thank you very much.

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