Oiseau de Proie

Oiseau de Proie. Patricia and Sovannak

How was the name of the band chosen?

Sovannak: I had a few suggestions for band names and the name Oiseau de Proie (Bird of Prey) is the one that Patricia liked the most.
(Mumbling) Dammit
Patricia: Well the reason is… Well maybe it’s because of my clear voice that is a bit like France Gall, and Sovannak’s black metal riffs,
which gives a nice contrast.

How long have you been together as a band?

Patricia: We have been making music together for a long time, we had another project 7 ou 8 years ago called Noyade (Drowning)
with another guitar player Jonathan. We had this project for approximately 2 years, and we started playing music again under the name Oiseau de Proie in April 2019.

How did the first album come to life?

Patricia: When we started jamming together, after each jam we had a new song, so the first cassette was created quite naturally
Sovannak: It took us one year until it came out I think?
Patricia: Yeah, and after every rehearsals we always had new songs
Sovannak: There are many songs that were not included in the album, like the ones from the start, but yeah it was done quite quickly…

What is the inspiration for the name of the song Carmilla, is it related to the novel by Sheridan Le Fanu?

Patricia: Yes, it was inspired by this short story, an irish tale. it’s about a countess who is actually a vampire, living
throughout milleniums with her many lovers, and it tells a little bit about her life in her castle.
So I wanted to write a text inspired by this tale.

When you look at the album in general you feel that it tells a story, is that so? How were these themes chosen?

Patricia: For the texts, it’s inspired by personal experiences, it talks a lot about relationships, toxic relationships, love,
personal empowerment , spirituality… our first EP pretty much gravitates around those themes.

The cover of the album is interesting, what is the origin of this image?

Patricia: It’s a drawing I made, I wanted it to be a little witchy, that we could feel like we are in the woods,
actually I would like people to put on the cassette in their pickup truck when they go for a drive in the woods at night time.

Because of the pandemic situation we know it’s difficult, but do you have any concert dates scheduled so far?

Sovannak: Yes, we have one show that is coming up, it’s going to be some kind of livestream, for the Suoni fest. We’re gonna play a set at the Sala Rossa, and it’s going go be made available on the internet, sometime this summer, in June, I believe? So yeah… one single show.

Do you have any new album on the way or are you working on something new for this year?

Patricia: Yes, we have a few songs already
Sovannak: We have maybe like 5 or 6 songs I think? I don’t know anymore. But you’ll hear one of our new songs that is going to play in a bit.
It sounds darker than before

What would you tell your fans/followers about the band/group or your music?

Patricia: If anyone is curious to hear more, or to have follow ups about our next songs or shows, if we can play any, we are on
instagram, on bandcamp and on spotify
Sovannak: Yeah

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