Blind Seagull

Could you please introduce yourselves?  

Hello! My name is Denis and I am guitar player and vocalist of Blind Seagull. 

What was your first contact with the music, how did you meet, how did you decide to start the project «Blind Seagull»?(Could you tell us your story?)  

We started to play together in 2014. Post punk in Russia wasn’t so popular as now. At first we met with bass player. His name Is Gleb. We met at arching club. We liked same music. In 2014 it was Motorama and Human Tetris in Russia. Also it was foreign music like Bauhaus, Cure and all the classics. Some years after we have changed two drummers and finally met Valeria. She is the best drummer in the city! Now we are still playing together. 

Is there also a story behind the choice of the name «Blind Seagull»? 

 Kaliningrad is a port city, so there are a lot of seagulls. So we have chosen the «seagull» as a general word. Also we liked the idea that seagull should be injured or something like that. So that why we chose «Blind» as the second word. Also BLIND SEAGULL is gives a very precise understanding and feeling of a music to a listener. I mean hysterical, helpless and chaotic feeling. 

What are your main influences? (literary, musical, visual, etc.)  

We listen a lot of different music. In my opinion, you can not write a good post punk song only if you are listen not only post punk. In very beginning, our main influences were: Soviet Soviet, Bauhaus, General Decay, Be Forest and Human Tetris.

Connections has had very good reactions? Is this also your favourite track or is there another one you feel more happy with?  

Connections is a great song, and I really like it. It was very hard to write it in emotional way. But I don’t think that we can say that it is our favourite track. Because we always keep in mind that it is a very small part of sound and emotions that we can offer to our listener. I believe that our best and song still not being composed yet. 

Russian punk has an important role in the current scene. Do you feel part of this trend?  

Well, kind of. But as to me, sound of Ploho and Molchat Doma is much popular now. And their success may cause the fact that all the new bands will sound the same. This sound is not bad, and quite nostalgic but as to me, it doesn’t give a lot of space for experiments and new different moves.  That’s why we try to use new instruments sounds and emotional language and way of performance. Post-punk is not «unemotional» genre. It’s about supression and hidden unlimited power of a person. 

What are your future plans, are you working on something new, live performances?  

We are already working on a new album. It will be released next Winter or in the beginning of Spring. It will be the biggest and the most interesting and experimental product we ever made. Now we are in the recording process. I hope you all liked.  See you!

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