Could each member introduce themselves?

Carlos – Hi we are schrodinger, I am carlos guitarist and programmer of the band
Ernesto – I’m Ernesto, lead Vocal and bass

How does postpunk/darkwave/synth come into your lives?

Carlos – Post punk and Darkwave entered our lives in the 90s, we used to go to the El Chopo tianguis to exchange records, we went to very representative gigs of the time, there was no internet and we used to exchange music.

Ernesto – We also had friends in common who liked to collect instruments, synthesizers and drum machines, and we had that contribution, the musical exchange, those days when music was not so accessible and we had that purpose in common: post-punk music, the dark wave, the synth wave, all that dark «gothic music», all the ambient phase,

Carlos – Bands like Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, all that was what influenced us among other very good and very representative bands.

Where to find them

How do you organise your songwriting, how do you compose, who does the lyrics and who does the music?

Ernesto – Mainly sometimes I have an acoustic guitar with which I get the idea of some chords and based on that I start to write the lyrics, later I start to conjugate them and also to inton the lyrics of the songs so that they have coherence with the melody and after that Carlos enters.
Carlos – We make a structure of basses and drums, we add guitars and synthesizers as well as arrangements that occur to us, atmospheres,
bells and percussive elements like Zaps, the lyrics are mainly written by Ernesto.

How is the post-punk scene in Mexico, do you think the genre is well represented and if not, what is missing?

Ernesto – The post punk scene in Mexico is well represented since there is a lot of diversity of projects and that is fine for those looking for independent music.
Carlos – there are super interesting projects and what is needed is more diffusion in digital and print media

Could you tell us about your cover designs? How did the original idea for these covers come about?

Carlos – The designs of the covers are surreal, conceptual drawings, the drawings are made in wood cut, monochrome drawings based on Chinese ink, made by your server, they are drawings that have little
more than a decade in the case of the album cover «last days on earth» that wood cut is some years old and the ink drawing that we did for «live from hell» we did during the pandemic we were locked up and we did much of the composition of the album and the graphic art of the covers.
Ernesto – in turn we seek that the arts tell a story based on what music is about in the case of last days on earth it is the concept of a tragic night with a murderer on the cover and it gets along quite well with the music that we make.

Apart from music, do you have any other professional activities? We have heard that one of you do printmaking, Can you tell us about how you combine the band’s activity with your daily life?

Carlos – Ernesto is a designer, I am a tattoo artist, I also dedicate myself to graphic arts, I think it is very comforting to dedicate yourself to what you like, that connection that music and graphics have, art in general.

Do you want to comment something to your fans, band news, etc? Concerts, New albums or singles?

Ernesto – ok, we are preparing a second production, we are beginning to compose new songs, and we will also be visiting some cities in the north of the country and some representative venues of Mexico city we will be commenting and sharing this news through our social networks mainly facebook and instagram there we will be uploading all the information.

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