Esther Alarcón, AKA Syneba

Who makes up this project and who is involved in the project?

Production : Esther Alarcón, AKA Syneba.
Mixing and mastering : Jordan Pérez.

How do you get involved in the darkwave /dark / electronic genres? Have you been in any other band or musical formation?

As a teenager in the 80s, I grew up listening to everything that came from the new wave explosion, dark and melancholic music like darkwave, more gentle like synthpop or more serious like postpunk, without forgetting multi-instrumental music, funk and classical music.
I started to study to become a producer at the beginning of 2021, first self-taught and then learning in different schools in Barcelona.
I made the move to production, determined to go from being a static listener to being an active part of it and also a creator. Creating my own music, listening to my own music and above all offering it to listeners is something that makes me absolutely happy.

How is the composition process?

I work with Ableton and Maschine.
Kontact is a must, as well as Plug-Ins emulators of mythical synthesizers (Mini Moog, Jupiter, DX7, etc…).
I like textures a lot and I work with a lot of pad layers. Instrument mixes, unexpected twists in the composition, chords, drones and sub-basses are always part of my tracks. I can’t avoid the ( in my opinion risky but surprising ) communion between typically orchestral instrumentation and instruments used to create obscure electronic lines (basses and synthesizers).

Performer and costume design: Artis Leonar from Syneba – Metropolis [Official Videoclip]

Working on sound synthesis, dynamics and effects is something that I notice enhances and gives character to my songs. Knowing how to mix and master is an added value for me, although I prefer to leave this task to my engineer.
Everything centres around the Pads, I choose one that grabs me… and at that point I start to create links between different instruments and their different sonorities and shades. I add arpeggios, chords, etc
There isn’t something or someone specific that inspires me. It’s the very architecture of one sound that leads me to another, and so on and so forth. The result is always something coherent, or not, it is a story or landscape with its own meaning. From there it is up to each listener to take it and make it their own.
I am interested in creating dark and melancholic atmospheres together with arpeggio lines that invite to dance, to think, to dream… The imaginarium of each one belong to each one!

Tell us about your debut EP «Species and Spaces».When did the idea come up?. How long have you been working on this EP?

My first EP, May 6th 2022.
Species and spaces, rough beings and contexts as a result of an increasingly accelerated society, unable to decipher feelings.
Conceptual line inspired by 80’s sounds. Arpeggios, drones and suffocating sub-basses together with unexpected marimbas and glockenspiels. Dark synthesizers creating a harmony that embraces a dense and melancholic space-time.

Species and Spaces is a place where all kinds of sound entities live in perfect communion. A serious and elegant tale with allusions to expressionism and gothic.

Cover of debut EP «Species and Spaces». Released May 6th, 2022

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Other Platforms

Tell us about the METROPOLIS video, we have read that it is a tribute to Thea von Harbou, Fritz Lang and his film METROPOLIS (1927).

Tribute to the German expressionist film Metropolis, Fritz Lang 1927. My favourite film of all time. I still remember the impact this masterpiece had on me.
And the fact is that… in the timeline everything makes sense when your passions and interests create a perfect union, and from what you have learned (listened, watched or read), you are able to conceive your own story. And this story is mine, a configuration of lights and shadows with sounds in low frequencies at the rhythm of arpeggios, sub-basses, and hypnotic drones.

What ideas do you have for the future? Will there be performances / concerts? Are you working on something new, something you want to share?

Working on the single Metropolis II.
A live performance at a festival…. is of course in my plans!

Performer and costume design: Artis Leonar from Syneba – Metropolis [Official Videoclip]
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