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Syneba – Tungsten [Official Videoclip]

After a few months of listening to Metropolis I and Metropolis II, Hypothermia by producer Esther Alarcon aka Syneba is the album we’ve been waiting for.
We talked to her to find out more about her project and what’s behind Hypothermia.

Esther Alarcón aka Syneba
  • Why do you take the name Syneba for your musical project? What does it mean?
    I would like to give you an answer with an emotional, sentimental, poetic charge… but the reality is simpler. That name came to mind, I loved it and adopted it, without further ado!
  • In your previous works you have developed a leitmotiv around the darkness of Metropolis. In this latest release, why did you choose the title Hypothermia for this new album?
    I composed part of this album this summer. I hate the heat, and I remember one day in June while I was on the street and I thought… “ufff what a horror of summer and what a disgusting heat, I want to enter Hypothermia!!”. Nonsense aside…I like the cold, I like icy landscapes and autumn and winter prints. I think Hypothermia is a beautiful name for an electronic music album that, far from sounding pop and happy, sounds serious and enigmatic.

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  • Your fans who know Metropolis I and Metropolis II will want to know what unites these seven themes in «Hypothermia», what are the motivations to make them coincide in the same album?
    It’s about something more practical than sentimental, I mean by this that I wanted to put together my best (from my point of view) tracks in this latest work. There will always be something that unites them, the same common thread, and that is the stamp that I think I am managing to impress on my productions.
  • The fact that you have used videos from the 80’s to set «Tungsten», is it a declaration of nostalgia for this era? What kind of nostalgia, musical, aesthetic, rhythmic?
    A resounding yes, Areli! infinite melancholy! Those images of the Stratus Club in San Diego, CA are the replica of what I experienced during those years when I went out to the Long Play nightclub (Torredembarra-Tarragona). There you could listen to the Sisters of Mercy, Kraftwerk, Bahuaus, Simple Minds, Joy Division, etc… Yes, I’m from ’71 and I used to cover my school books with prints of Depeche Mode, Smiths etc… And of course I always wore black. In other words, yes… a declaration of nostalgia, as you have rightly said.
Esther Alarcón aka Syneba
  • In the future, have you thought about releasing a vinyl and/or cassette version?
    No, I haven’t considered it.
  • What ideas do you have for the future (performances / concerts, are you working on something new, something you want to share, etc.)?
    Yes, I’m starting a new song and fighting with the hardware! Everything will come…

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